Wine (like baseball cards, cars, and artwork) has well documented histories, vintages, and tiered values. This makes them a natural fit for collecting, and rare wines are among the most sought after collectibles on the market. Ready to start a wine collection?

Why Some Wines Command High Prices


In 2010, 3 bottles of 1869 Chateau Lafite-Rothschild sold for $230,000 a bottle.

Like many high-end collectibles, prices can seem outrageous to outsiders and a sub-economy of the super-rare can take center stage. In 2011, 2 bottles of champagne salvaged from a 170 year old shipwreck were auctioned for $78,400 each, and were reportedly still drinkable due to storage on their sides, in darkness, and under pressure (at the bottom of the sea).

These bottles went for a high price because they were rare, but it was also the stories and documentation that pushed them into the stratosphere.

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