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Inventory Management

We’re more than an insurance company. Count on us to help you through your collecting journey. Download the collection asset inventory template so you can efficiently catalog your collection as it’s grows over time.

Collection Asset Inventory Template

Download the collection asset inventory template so you can efficiently catalog your collection as it grows, appreciates in value, and evolves over time. For schedule coverage, we do require maintaining an updated inventory of items, and we’re dedicated to provide the tools to help.

ArtAttendant Collection Inventory Management


A web-based fine art and collectibles asset inventory tool to help catalog and manage your inventory. Features include mobile-devise and desktop cataloging, data security, data backup, location management, file documentation upload, record values, upload photos and more to help preserve your assets provenance.

Don’t have time to catalog those pieces? ArtAttendant offers data migration services to help you import your assets. No time, no worries! Questions? Email or go to to discover more!

50% DISCOUNT – FOR THE FIRST MONTH SUBSCRIPTION is the largest resource for researching, valuing, and buying/selling antiques, art and collectible assets online. Suite of offerings includes a price guide for researching and valuing antiques, art, and collectibles, resource gallery and digital library. Coupon code available for Bluewater clients.

wine cellar management solution

CellarTracker is the largest online wine cellar management tool tracking more than 141 million bottles.  Wine collectors have the ability to track bottle assets, review and edit values and more. 

Numismatic collection management 

Coin World+ is presented by Amos Media Company, the founder and continuous publisher of industry-leading Coin World magazine. We’ve harnessed the portability and security of your mobile phone to manage your collection with an app from anywhere. Easily add coins to your Portfolio while using the Wantlist to keep tabs on coins you want. With listings from leading marketplaces like ebay and Coin World, we help you find more coins than anywhere else. 

Look to us to help you through your collecting journey by storing documentation related to your valuable asset collection. Additional documentation such as appraisals, bill-of-sales, receipts, or information related to the provenance of your prized assets can be emailed to

* Schedule coverage requires an inventory list or documentation including but not limited to appraisal, bill-of-sale, receipt etc. related to the provenance of collection assets. In case of a loss, you may be requested to provide additional documentation related to your valuable assets.

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