Full Value Protection

For The Jewelry Collector

From vintage heirlooms, luxury watches, or designer pieces, we offer comprehensive coverage.

Bluewater Jewelry and Watch Insurance

for the jewelry collector

Why Bluewater for your valued jewelry collection?

We recognize that your jewelry collection represents more than just material possessions. Each piece tells a story, holds memories, and embodies the essence of your unique style and taste. That’s why Bluewater Insurance offers insurance solutions crafted with a deep understanding of the collector experience.

Our jewelry insurance policies are designed to safeguard your collection against a wide range of risks, including loss, theft, damage, and mysterious disappearance. Whether you own vintage heirlooms, luxury watches, or contemporary designer pieces, we offer comprehensive coverage to ensure that your treasures are protected for generations to come.

Bluewater Insurance

Jewelry Insurance Features Include:

Full value protection

We offer a full value protection policy securing the true value of your jewelry collection. No coverage limits. No depreciation. Security you deserve.

Knowledgeable service

We’re more than an insurance company, we’re here as a resource during your collecting journey – we understand your passion!

Newly acquired property

Don’t worry, you’re covered! You have 90 days to add that newly purchased piece.

Coverage for items during shipping

Coverage for your jewelry while being transported, displayed and stored.

Multiple locations

Your jewelry collection has special needs and if in a safety deposit box, on consignment or stored in more than one location. We have you covered!

Expert Claims Service

In case of a loss, rely on specialist who are dedicated to you and your prized collection.

Broad coverage options

Earthquake, fire, flood, theft and more.

Mysterious Disappearance

Your homeowner policy exclude coverage for lost or misplaced items (sometimes referred to as “mysterious disappearance”).

Pairs and sets

You can choose to repair, replace or surrender undamaged item(s) that are part of a pair or set. If you lose an item such as an earring, you benefit from flexibility at claim time.

[1] All coverage not available in all states.

[2] This is only a general description of coverage. All coverage is subject to underwriting, exclusions and endorsements

Jewelry Inventory Management Resources

Count on us to help you through your collecting journey. Download the collection asset inventory template or review web-based tools so you can efficiently catalog your jewelry collection as it’s grows over time. Click here to learn more!


Experience more! Gain access to trusted partners within fine art & valuable asset market to help you navigate the waters of jewelry collecting by offering products and services at discounted rates exclusively for you.

Services include:

  • Succession Planning

  • Inventory Management

  • Appraisal Services

  • Authentication Services

  • And More

for the JEWELRY collector

For the Collector or Investor

Collectors and investors are both captivated by the allure of fine jewelry and watches. An investor views jewelry and watches as a tangible asset, a cornerstone of wealth preservation, and a potential avenue for profit through appreciation. Conversely, a collector finds profound fulfillment in the pursuit, acquisition, and admiration of pieces that resonate on a deeply personal level. Whether cherished for their beauty, rarity, or the narratives they encapsulate, each jewel holds a special place in the collector’s heart.

Whether you identify as a collector or investor (or maybe a little bit of both) you recognize the importance of securing comprehensive jewelry insurance. Protecting your valuable collections against unforeseen risks such as loss, theft, or damage is paramount.

Trust Bluewater Insurance to protect your investment and preserve your passion, ensuring that your cherished jewels remain safeguarded for generations to come.

Insurance for Art Collectors

your collecting journey

We’re as passionate about valued collections as you are.

With Bluewater Insurance, you can expect nothing less than excellence in service and coverage. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing personalized attention and direction every step of the way. From guidance in assessing the value of your jewelry to crafting a policy that meets your specific requirements, we prioritize your peace of mind.

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