For Collectors Of Numismatics

A numismatic collection has unique character in its grade, patina and historical significance. We understand that building a collection involves time, energy and most of all – passion. As its owner and caretaker, you’re preserving a piece of history.   

Whether your collection is based on type, ancient, U.S. or size, it deserves the kind of protection that only Bluewater can offer -  coverage and service that understands your collecting passion and its significance in history.  

Why specialty insurance for your collection?

Typically, many homeowners’ and renters’ policies do NOT provide adequate coverage to appropriately cover the full value of a numismatic collection, protect newly purchased item, items in-transit and more. Additionally, homeowner’s policies generally offer limitations of coverages related to ‘money’ ranging from $200 to $5,000 as well as exclusion and deductible requirements. We offer a product properly securing the value of your entire inventory while aligning with your specific needs as a collector. 

Why choose Bluewater for the protection of your prized collection?

Protect your collection’s value -  Secure your collection’s full value without worrying about depreciation or coverage limits (per individual item or entire collection). Homeowners’ policies generally cap limits on contents coverage or consider your collection ‘money,’ which has limited coverages. 

Knowledgeable service - We’re more than an insurance company.  We understand your needs as a collector and are available to help you through your Collecting Journey.

Newly acquired property – Don’t worry, you’re covered! You have 90 days to add that precious new piece to your existing policy.  

In-transit protection - Coverage for items in transit (incoming and outgoing). No need for shipping insurance. 

Mysterious disappearance – Your homeowner policy excludes coverage for lost or misplaced items (sometimes referred to as "mysterious disappearance"). Bluewater’s policy automatically covers misplaced, lost or stolen items (Scheduled and Blanket).

Flexible activity usage – We value the importance of enjoying the collection, and our policy allows you to enjoy shows, fairs, club functions and other activities.  

Expert claims service – You can rely on our expert network to guide you through the process.

Worldwide coverage - Your collection is protected while away from your home, and you are covered when purchasing pieces abroad.