Forms And Materials

We're thrilled that you've chosen Bluewater for your fine arts and collectibles business!

Now we'd like to show you how we can help you build your business. Below are tools and resources to help you increase the learning curve of our program. Most of all, we want to make doing business easy resulting in a positive client experience. We're happy to answer your questions, help you research information and discover innovative ways to help grow your agency business. 


Agent Quick Start Guide                                                                                                     Download our agent quick start guide to learn more about the types of collections that qualify for our program, guidelines, FAQs and more.  

Personal Collector Brochure                                                                                                Download the personal collector brochure to get a glimpse into the benefits of our collector program. 

Personal Collection Catch-Sheet                                                                                         Download the personal collection catch-sheet to be your guide to collect important information related to your clients most prized items such as collection type, collection value, security features and more.  

Personal Collector Insurance Application                                                                        Download the personal collector insurance application to answer questions related to your clients collection asset type, collection value, general underwriting, security features and premises information. Once complete, please email to