For Collectors Of Jewelry

Whether you’re wearing the ring of memories, diversifying your portfolio or inherited family heirlooms, you deserve the kind of protection that only Bluewater can offer – coverage and service that understands your collecting interest and passion. You spent energy and financial resources to amass a memorable collection, now it’s time to protect it.

Schedule or blanket items - Protect the value of your jewelry collection the proper way with an Agreed Value policy. No depreciation. You can use blanket coverage to protect an entire collection, itemize valuable pieces or do both.

Broad coverage - Earthquake, fire, flood, theft, and more to protect your prized collection.

Mysterious Disappearance - Your homeowner policy may exclude coverage for lost or misplaced items (sometimes referred to as "mysterious disappearance"). Our policy automatically covers misplaced, lost or stolen items.

Pairs And Sets - You can choose to repair, replace or surrender undamaged item(s) that are part of a pair or set. If you lose an item such as an earring, you benefit from flexibility at claim time.

Partial Damage Protection - We will work with you to pay an amount mutually agreeable to pay for partially damaged piece(s). No sub-limits. No hassles.

Newly acquired property – Don’t worry, you’re covered! If you already have jewelry collection policy and add a new piece to your collection, you have 90 days to add it to your policy.   

Worldwide coverage - Your pieces are protected while away from your home, and you are covered when purchasing or traveling abroad.

Knowledgeable service - We’re more than an insurance company.  We understand your needs as a collector and are available to help you through your Collecting Journey.

Experienced claims -  Handled by people who specialize in protecting your collection.

All coverage not available in all states. This is only a general description of coverage. All coverage is subject to underwriting, exclusions and endorsements.