For Collectors Of Arms And Armor

Your antique firearm is more than a stock and barrel - it is a symbol of history and strength.  As the owner and caretaker of that engraved Winchester 1886, Colt single action Army revolver or an American Revolution piece, you’re preserving the history and memory of these historic pieces.  

Our firearms program includes vintage and conventional firearms. Other items include militaria, uniforms, weapons and memorabilia of all types.

Schedule or blanket items – Protect the value of your firearms collection the proper way with an Agreed Value policy. No depreciation. You can use blanket coverage to protect an entire collection, itemize valuable pieces or do both.

Knowledgeable service - We’re more than an insurance company.  We understand your needs as a collector and are available to help you through your Collecting Journey.

Newly acquired property – Don’t worry, you’re covered! If you already have an Arms & Armor collection policy and add a new piece to your collection, you have 90 days to add it to your policy. This is the ideal solution for those who frequent auctions, clubs, shows and alike.  

Flexible activity usage – We value the importance of enjoying the hobby, and our policy allows you to enjoy shows, fairs, club activities with your collection. 

Experienced claims -  Handled by people who specialize in protecting your collection.

In-transit - Coverage for your prized items while being transported.

Worldwide coverage - Your firearm pieces are protected while away from your home, and you are covered when purchasing abroad.