About Bluewater Insurance

It's all about one word - passion. Our team values the connection between an owner and their prized items. We have built an insurance company dedicated to the client experience, product quality and supporting a community we adore – the collector community.

Collectors trust us with their most valued possessions because we understand their needs. It all starts with the memories, drive and bond: admiring the works of Thomas Moran (Feudal Castle, 1905, Oil on Canvas) that inspired you to start collecting impressionist landscapes; remembering the first Carson City Morgan you collected, which took you on a journey into numismatics. Perhaps it was the 1938 baseball signed by Babe Ruth, as a Brooklyn Dodger, that you inherited from your grandfather.

At Bluewater Insurance, we are leading the way in fine art & collectible assets insurance and dedicated to protecting what the collector holds most dear - and to focusing all our energy on their individual needs and Collecting Journey.

We want to hear from you. Call our team today to learn how we can protect your valued collection.

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The Flowing Hair Liberty Dollar, a silver coin from 1794 worth more than 10 million dollars _Reduced.jpg